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反省自我Reflect on yourself


Reflect on yourself

Recently we have read some stories and truths about people in ancient times correcting themselves and reflecting on themselves, especially on humbly reflecting on their own mistakes and thinking from others' perspective. In fact, it is the same as what my uncle told us. When doing anything, you must not have the mentality that others are wrong in everything and you are right in everything. Many times these mentalities will directly lead to things not being done well, and it is not easy to find out where your problems lie. Often when you reflect on yourself with a humble attitude and look for your own faults if you have any problems, you can discover many areas where you have not done well and need to improve. When correcting these mistakes, we can handle the current affairs well and avoid the further growth of incorrect mentality. Just like what was mentioned in that article, if you have the mentality that you are right in everything, it will actually hinder your opportunities to discover your own problems and improve yourself. Only by always holding a humble and reflective attitude can we better discover and correct our own problems and make progress. Therefore, we must develop a mentality of always reflecting on ourselves, and try our best to get rid of the habit of often looking for problems in others.

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