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反思 Reflection



The cats will sleep in the house during the day, and will not come out to move around until after dinner at six in the afternoon. But Yuanbao often knocked on the door in the afternoon, and then he would go out for a walk for half an hour, and then go back to the house to sleep, gradually this became a habit. Once, when it was time to go to bed, I saw him lying on his stomach by the screen door on the first floor looking outside. Normally, I would go straight up and pick him up, and then put him back in the nest in the house to sleep. But that day I called him twice from behind. He glanced back at me, then stood up slowly, and stretched lazily: he knew that the time for walking was over and it was time to sleep. I patted my legs while walking in front to call him, and Yuanbao followed unhurriedly behind, rubbing against pillars and chairs from time to time. When I got to the stairs, I rushed up the stairs. Before the door was opened, I was ready to stuff my head into the crack of the door. Then I jumped into the nest and looked up at me. That look was so cute, so I rubbed his little head, and he was also very happy, grunting~ grunting, and even turned his little belly.

But thinking about it, if Yuanbao hadn’t been like that day, on the contrary, he didn’t want to go back to the house to sleep, even if I guarded him in the house and wanted to go out to play, then I would definitely not think he is cute, touch him, I would even think He is disobedient and impatient. How selfish, as long as something doesn't meet your own wishes, you will be unhappy and complain. This also shows that I don't like them because of the kindness in my heart. Some things, even if done, are not from the heart. Thinking of this, I really feel ashamed of my inner selfishness, I must work hard to correct myself, make myself more kind, and become a person who looks the same!

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