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十七岁 Seventeen





Last week, I celebrated my seventeenth birthday. Time flies, and before I know it, it has been more than a year since I came to uncle. Remember this time last year, how much I looked forward to going home...but now I'm glad I'm here. Looking back on this year, although I have made limited progress, I can feel that there have been earth-shaking changes from my previous self.

I remember that when I first came to uncle, I would lie because of trivial things, treat everything in a mediocre manner, and not work hard to euphemistically call it "fate is fixed, let it be", zero self-control, complaining, conceited... …At that time, I thought that I could maintain the same state as when I was with uncle after returning home, such as reading more books, not playing with mobile phones, and having a regular schedule. Now I think about how stupid those ideas are. Without good self-control, to do this is like going to heaven. With uncle's education and supervision, these problems have also been improved. For example, from the initial "broken pot" to the present, I am trying to do things well.

Since childhood, society, school and family have taught us to "study hard for a better life in the future". But uncle taught us to help others while we have a happy life ourselves. I realized that studying was not only for myself, but also strengthened my dream of becoming a justice lawyer. At the same time, I also know the direction I need to work hard. Unlike before, when I was in school, I was doing nothing but studying questions and living my life. Now I feel that the road ahead is bright.

In the new year, I hope that I will continue to improve in quality and academics. Study English hard and get a good score in TOEFL. Change your focus and interests, be more considerate of others, and improve your abilities. Do the right thing at the right time, I hope we can all make more progress in the new year!

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