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动物的聚集地A gathering place for animals







Half a year ago, before we moved, my uncle let us build two bird nests, uncle hopes to provide a comfortable home for these birds. These nests became the home of mourning dove birds, and they lived in our nests for a long time. We are also happy to be able to provide some help and shelter to these little creatures.

When it was time to move, we were surprised to find that the birds, as if they had known in advance, flew back and stood in front of our door, calling constantly, as if to say goodbye. The way animals do this makes us feel very warm.

Recently in our new home, we found a cute rabbit in front of our house and a new bird's nest behind the garage. Besides, there are other small animals in our house. The appearance of these small animals fills our home with simplicity and kindness. We feel lucky because these animals seem to think of us as their family too, and we would love to be.

Now, our home seems to have become a gathering place for small animals. We would also like to provide some help and protection for these little creatures so that they can find a quiet and comfortable home with us.

It feels like we have a special connection with these creatures, like a special fate, in this small animal colony. Let the animals, including us, have a very friendly feeling.

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