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忆 · 夕阳



The wind blows the clouds and the sunset,

and the silhouettes of the figures are fluttering with leaves.

Siyi only remembers my hometown,

and the sunset accompanies me to watch the tide.


This week, uncle took us to Cliff Park. The park is built around Lake Ontario, one of the five great lakes in North America. There are piers, beaches, picnic areas, walking trails, observation decks, etc. Not only are the facilities complete, but the scenery is also very beautiful. When we walked into the park, we found that there were a lot of big geese and seagulls feeding on the roadside. They didn't seem to be afraid of people, and even ran to people if they had something to eat. There were only a few seagulls near us when we first grilled, as if waiting for our feed. But who knew that as soon as uncle threw the food in his hand to them, they began to shout loudly for their companions, and a large group of seagulls flew in after a while. The few seagulls at the beginning did not choose to secretly swallow the food, but called their companions over to share it together. Later, there were more and more seagulls, and more than a dozen geese came, and even passers-by took them. The selflessness of the animals is truly breathtaking!

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