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The weather in Canada is always changing inadvertently, and sometimes unpredictable, sometimes it makes you feel that the spring is clear, the wind is gentle, and sometimes it is cold, which makes you feel that you have just taken off a few days ago. The coat was put on again. Makes you feel as if the god of winter is not far from us and is still vying for control with the god of spring. Changes in the weather always change overnight. The evening sun was still full of red, and the next morning, I saw a thin layer of snow covering the front of the house. The change of weather is a problem that can be solved by adding a piece of clothing to people, but again, let us think about the feelings of those small animals who have no warm clothes and no food to satisfy their hunger. How will it be? In the early morning a few days ago, I saw a raccoon hurriedly walking through the backyard, and tears came to my eyes. The little raccoon may have turned over human garbage in order to find food. The eyes are full of fear. Some people may think that raccoons turn over the garbage is something he hates, and even become a social norm, but who can imagine that in the cold and windy early spring morning, one by one small animals risk their lives to turn over. How about trying to survive with people's leftovers, or unwanted garbage?


Reading is something that everyone can come into contact with. A few days ago, my uncle told you some truths about reading. There are a lot of content. At the same time, it also made me realize that reading is not a seemingly random thing, and reading must be done well. In this world, there are thousands of books, and we cannot absorb them all. Some things seem to be very high, but There is no need to conduct too deep research, because it may only be an extension of a theory from a top person in a certain field hundreds of years ago, and we need to take the essence of it when reading. At the same time, this is also the happiest thing for me to be here with my uncle, because we have a lot of time to read and think in our age, and uncle also helped us choose the books we need the most for us. reading. On the way of our continuous growth, it has paved a solid and bright road for us.

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