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初春early spring





early spring

As the weather is gradually clearing up now, the temperature is gradually rising, and it is almost spring. So in recent weeks, we have gradually been able to go out and play basketball. After this winter, I haven't played well for several months. Last week we went to the course we used to go to, and we played as a team as always. But this week we went to the court we liked to go to earlier, and just happened to meet some people we knew from the past playing basketball, so we teamed up to play. Although it has been a while since I played much, I am still a little surprised by the result. Brother Xiaoshan and Brother Bowei can even easily beat four players by two people. Once Brother Bowei gets the ball, the other team basically loses the ball, which has to be admired.


The breakfast time every day is also an opportunity for the students on duty to show their cooking skills. It depends on the students on duty what kind of breakfast everyone can eat. So every breakfast and weekend lunch and dinner cooking time are opportunities to practice cooking skills. But now there is another link that can be exercised, that is, kneading and pressing noodles. Compared with the beginning, there is also a great improvement. I will not accidentally knead the noodles too wet or accidentally turn the pressed noodles into steamed buns. These are also opportunities to comprehensively improve all aspects of culinary skills. But no matter how I improve it, my uncle's cooking is really delicious. This week, my uncle made us vermicelli with cumin meat and scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and it immediately felt like the "Ningxia Tongxin Xiaoyang Newly Opened Restaurant" in China. At that time, my uncle took us to eat, and the vermicelli and cumin meat were ordered by the catty. It is really a real treat to have the opportunity to eat it again abroad.

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