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减速一寸,爱护同行。缓行一步,生命无价。Slow down even an inch and take care of your colleagues. Take one step slowly, life is priceless.






Slow down even an inch and take care of your colleagues. Take one step slowly, life is priceless.

With the arrival of spring, animals are waking up from their winter sleep. For little animals, spring means warm weather and a season full of happiness. However, for those innocent lives lost, spring can turn into a disaster.

Xiaoshan and Ziteng always pay careful attention to the small animals on the ground when driving, so they never hurt them. However, at noon this Monday and Thursday, we still saw small animals crushed to death by other people's cars. It is actually really heartbreaking to see some small animals with their internal organs squeezed out. These innocent lives were taken away like this.

As long as you are nice to these little animals, they can really feel your happiness and may even be happier than you. When you are sad, they will lie beside you silently and accompany you. I vaguely remember that when we moved, all the little animals we helped came back and barked around us. Although we cannot understand their voices, we can also feel their kindness and farewell. We also love and appreciate you very much.

No living thing wishes to be harmed. How would you feel if you were run over by a wheel? While we may not have the ability to help every living thing in need, how can we harm them? When driving, slow down an inch to protect your fellow travelers; slow down a step, life is priceless.

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