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冬天的庇护所 Winter Shelter




Xiao Hei is a stray cat. Through the previous news, everyone should understand that we have been fed it during this time. Xiao Hei is very spiritual. Every time he comes over, it will squat on the steps of the backyard waiting for us. Sometimes it is more than half an hour until we see that we go out of the cans and food. Sometimes it is sitting next to the gauze of the backyard and looking inside. At this time, the cats in our family will squeeze out at the door.

At the beginning, when we went out to eat, Xiao Hei would get angry first, and then quickly stood up and ran to the far place, and carefully observed our every move. It wasn't until I saw that we closed the gauze that it came to the food. When we ate, it dared not relax. As long as he heard a little sound, he would run away immediately. But through our unremitting efforts, it also felt our goodwill and no longer trusted us as before. Although it still doesn't let us touch it, it will not run so far when we put it. Sometimes after eating, I even stretch for a laziness. It seems that it is getting longer and longer around our house. For example, when we did not discover it in time, it would walk around in the front door for a while, wait, and then go to the backyard after a while.

Last week, uncle took us to the animal protection organization and bought a small nest for Xiao Hei. We put it out and sprinkled some cat mint at the door. Although we don't know where it lives, it is tenacious to live in the harsh weather of more than 20 degrees Celsius in Canada! It is hoped that Xiao Hei can move to the asylum nest as soon as possible, and sleep at peace, warmth and warmth.

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