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冬天中一碗暖暖的油泼面A bowl of warm fried noodles in winter




A bowl of warm fried noodles in winter

Dinner time every day at noon and evening is the moment that boys look forward to the most, because the meals cooked by uncle are always delicious, delicious and every dish can arouse our appetite. With the arrival of winter, the weather gradually becomes colder. I remember a few days ago, the weather was extremely cold, and my uncle made fragrant oil noodles at noon. Looking back now, the smell still makes us feel very excited. After eating a large bowl of tempting oily noodles, the whole body becomes very warm.

After lunch, I found that I couldn't feel the cold wind outside at all. I only felt that the warm oily noodles made by my uncle were still in my stomach. This bowl of fried noodles not only makes us feel the warmth in our bodies and stomachs, but also makes us feel the warmth of home.

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