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再见,雪花;你好,温暖阳光Goodbye, snowflakes; hello, warm sunshine




Goodbye, snowflakes; hello, warm sunshine

The weather forecast for next week shows temperatures will stabilize at around 10 degrees. This also means that our lovely snowflakes may have ushered in the last stubbornness last week and also gave us the last help. Thank you. Recalling the happy times in the snow, we had snowball fights at the door, stepped happily in the snow pit next to us with big boots, and raced happily with the dogs on the snow - although we lost every time, our hearts were full of joy. Touched and grateful. One of our favorite things on snowy days is to put the drinks in the snow to cool down when eating hot pot. This way the drinks will be cold much faster and even better than the refrigerator.

Although the cold weather may have completely passed, the wonderful memories in the snow will remain forever. Goodbye, snowflakes; hello, warm sunshine, looking forward to welcoming new happiness in your arms and giving you help.

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