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养老院义演Nursing Home Benefit Performance



Nursing Home Benefit Performance

On the weekend, my uncle asked me to go to a nearby nursing home to participate in a piano charity performance. In this performance, I felt many things that were different from before. In a foreign environment, you can feel that people are relatively simple and kind at heart, and the audience applauds and encourages the performers from the bottom of their hearts. Especially this time in a nursing home, most of the audience are elderly people. Their reaction and interest in artistic performances are much stronger than those of young people in previous performance venues. When the performance reached an intense climax, an old man sitting closest to me even started directing the music along with the melody like a conductor. After the performance, the audience burst into warm applause and cheers. At that moment, I felt everyone's sincerity and the atmosphere that I could never feel in China. I can’t help but sigh that only in such an environment can we cultivate people who are mentally healthy, truly love music, and truly love their hobbies.

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