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Recently I was reading a book called "Six Thinking Hats", in which there is a passage in the preface:

Thinking is the most fundamental human resource, but we must not become complacent about this vital skill. No matter what we achieve, we will always strive for better. Generally speaking, only those who don't know how to think will be satisfied with their own thinking skills, thinking that thinking is purely to prove their own arguments - to satisfy themselves.

Looking back on my daily life, I do have the same mentality as described above in this respect. When thinking about one thing, the perspective of thinking about the problem is not completely to solve the problem, but to satisfy oneself or prove one's point of view. On the surface, some things have been resolved, and there is no loss to others on the surface. But when I look back at myself after the fact, I am complacent because the matter was resolved, and there is also a mentality that only I can do this matter so well, reverberating in my mind.

Under the training of my uncle, we have learned a lot of truths, and our thinking realm has far surpassed that of our peers. This is unquestionable. But using thinking in inappropriate places, using it to prove myself and satisfy myself, this is what I need to correct now. What's more, at this stage, I understand a lot of truths that my uncle said, but because of various reasons such as laziness, I haven't fully implemented them.

So in the days to come, I must follow my uncle's teachings, set the truth as a principle, be consistent with the outside and inside, and do what I say.

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