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The ancients said: The sunset is infinitely good, but it's near dusk. That’s great. At that time, we were sitting on the beach next to the bear-killing tree enjoying the beauty that the sunset brought us. Yes, our long-awaited camping activity finally began. After three hours of rushing, We came to Kilbell Provincial Park and played at the iconic attraction: the Killing Bear Tree. It is said that the Killing Bear Tree is one of the most seen trees in Ontario. The Killing Bear Tree that has been blown by the wind for many years reflects its uniqueness. This park is close to one of the famous five great lakes: Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. The water here is very clear, the wind is very windy, and the weather is unusually good. The red of the setting sun renders most of the sky, and behind the setting sun, the moon rises quietly. And the twinkling stars are silently watching us behind. I, logan, rain, hank, lie straight on the rocks by the water and look at the scenery. When the sunset fades and the moon is empty, there is another unique scenery here, because this day happens to be the fifteenth month of the lunar calendar. On the day of the round, the moon was exceptionally bright and round, and many people followed Hank to the river to enjoy the moon. In this way, watching the scenery and eating food, we had a pleasant day.

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