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公交车上的经历bus experience



bus experience

Yesterday, in the process of taking the bus. Because the bus braked suddenly, a grandma almost fell down, so she subconsciously helped her up. After a middle-aged man got in the car, he offered to give up his seat. After seeing what I did, the grandma said, "My child, you are very kind. What you did just now was always thinking of others." This is a very common thing in our school's daily life, but it is a kind act in the eyes of others. Of course, I would never do this before I came to this school. These are all changes after Uncle Ding's education. Seeing the other party's kind smile, a sense of happiness also arises in my heart. This also made me feel that helping to achieve happiness is the real happiness, and always thinking about myself will only become more and more selfish.

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