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Recently, when I read articles in the evening, I really felt the change in my heart. When I used to read or listen to articles, I just regarded them as a story and didn't believe them at all. When you hear something touching, your heart may vibrate, but it's only for a moment, and then you'll forget. Now, I can't help crying when I hear the touching part of the article. At the same time, I can really think of my own shortcomings through reading articles, which I never had before. I really felt like there was a door in my heart, which was slowly opened after I came to my uncle. Then I could really accept a lot of things from my heart, and I could really reflect when others pointed out my problems. I'm really lucky to have this way of thinking, which I didn't feel until I came to uncle here, because I can timely correct myself and adjust my state with this way of thinking. Really unlike before, read what articles will not have feelings, others say what they will not listen to. I feel that I am very happy to have this kind of consciousness slowly now, but I still need to be strict with myself, keep my own state, and cannot relax.


In the early days I saw a raccoon and a few squirrels in the backyard, and suddenly there was a feeling of speechless came into my heart. When I see their figure looking for food in thick snow, I really feel their helplessness. winter is going to be cold, and it's a long way to find food for the animals. This reminds me of the delicious food I can eat every day, and I have warm clothes in the winter, but I sometimes be lazy and relax my own demands, and it’s really not good. Those little animals will try hard and go a long way in search for food. And I have a good environment now, and there is no reason not to try hard to ask myself to correct myself.

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