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先自知,后他知 Know Yourself First, Then Others Know





Confucius said: "A gentleman worries about his inability, not about others not understanding him." This sentence means: A gentleman worries about his own inability, not about others not understanding him.

In life, we are often frustrated by others' incomprehension or misunderstanding. We may think: "Why don't they understand me? Why are my efforts not recognized?" But please think about it carefully, have you really tried hard? A selfish and arrogant person is like a frog at the bottom of a well, who can only see his own little space. It's not that his efforts are not recognized, but that he really didn't do anything, but he still thinks he has done a lot. He may even exaggerate the facts and describe how much he has done in order to gain others' understanding. This behavior is not only dishonest, but also ultimately cannot bring real progress and recognition.

Only when we really do our best to complete a thing, but people still don't understand it, can we properly apply the concept of "A gentleman worries about his inability, not about people not understanding him." A true gentleman will focus on his own growth and progress. They don't waste their energy worrying about what others think, but focus on improving their abilities and accomplishments, and often reflect on what they have not done enough and what needs to be improved.

So, instead of worrying about whether others understand you, it is better to understand yourself first, to see if you have really tried your best, and whether there is anything that deserves recognition. Through constant self-reflection and improvement, we can not only improve our own value, but also show a more real and powerful self in front of others. Only in this way can we truly be worthy of our conscience and the trust and expectations of others.

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