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充满阳光的时段sunny period





sunny period

The day when a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred birds contend has come. People who are still immersed in the frosty and snowy weather are suddenly awakened by a touch of fresh green on the grass, and the touch of light yellow hidden in the grass has officially opened the door to the freshest and most beautiful moment of the year.

I don’t know the exact day, but the flower buds hidden in the grass at the gate are gradually blooming under the light of the morning light, the winter jasmine flowers planted in the community are already blooming vigorously, and the budding magnolia flowers on the magnolia trees planted by some people also add to the thick spring scenery. A elegance. The sky is often light blue, and the clouds are also very healing. If you go out for a walk in the early morning of the weekend, close to the fields, there are few people, giving people a sense of substitution in a Japanese movie. Generally speaking, it is a time of physical and mental comfort and sunshine.

In addition to the change of seasons, during this period of time, uncle also taught us a lot of truths and adjusted everyone's state. Now everyone's body and mind are developing in a better direction like the changes in spring. In the past, most of the time when doing things, selfishness was always involved in the process. I often did things very reluctantly for my own enjoyment, or ignored other people's views on the same thing, which brought dissatisfaction and conflicts in others' hearts. These little problems hidden in life affect the personal state in normal times. But these also gradually dissipated with the help of my uncle without seeing it, and when my selfishness decreased, my mentality of doing things and studying also changed. Recently, I feel that life is full of joy and doing things is full of hope.

Spring is a season and an attitude. It represents dispelling the cold and welcoming new beauty. I also hope that everything we do will eventually be like the spring at this moment, with a hundred flowers blooming, warm and sunny, bringing new changes to people.

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