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《像阿德勒一样,思考和生活》 “Thinking And Living Like Adler”

提到心理学书,你可能会想,"心理学书,那不是专业人士才读的吗?" 其实不然,它对我们每个人都很有用的。





When it comes to psychology books, you may think, "Aren't psychology books only read by professionals?" In fact, this is not the case. It is very useful to each of us.

I don’t know if you have ever had a moment like this: your mood suddenly became very bad, but you couldn’t explain why? Or find yourself repeating the same problem over and over again?

Psychology books are like that friend who gives you wise advice when you need it. It helps us understand why we have those inexplicable emotions, why we react in certain ways, and how to better understand those around us. In short, it teaches us to understand ourselves and others.

A psychology book I read recently was very good and made me feel a lot. The book is called "Thinking and Living Like Adler." The book is not about others, but about ourselves - how to face challenges, how to get along with others, and how to live the life we want. Adler believed that although the external environment and early experiences will have an impact on an individual, ultimately an individual's choices and behavior determine his or her life path and personality development. In short, the view advocated by Adler is: "Everything depends on oneself. Regardless of the external environment and innate conditions, everyone has the ability to overcome difficulties and achieve personal goals and ideals through their own efforts."

The key to solving problems lies not in the problems themselves, but in how we view and respond to them. Although we cannot control everything in life, we can change our thoughts and create a better future with a positive attitude.

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