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偷盗 Stealing


We usually buy cans and snacks for cats on the Internet. The courier usually places the courier on the table at the door. Some people will take a photo to send it to the buyer to prove that the courier is delivered, but some people will not take pictures Essence Last Friday, we should receive a box of canned food for the cat, but there is no courier at the door. Because the receiving notice must be logged in to the Amazon website to see, we found that the courier had already delivered the courier at night that the courier had already delivered the courier to send the courier. When I arrived and took photos as evidence. We all wondered where the express delivery went, so we checked the surveillance videos outside the door and found that the original express was stolen by a little boy wearing a blue down jacket. He first stood at the door and observed for a while, and then went up the steps to pick up the courier and ran away quickly. In fact, a box of cans is not very expensive, but his behavior makes us feel sad and ridiculous. Although he is a little boy, he is at least twelve or three years old. How can you not know that stealing is wrong? Such a big age should have been known for a long time, and you should have done such a thing, indicating that the education of parents must have a problem. Many children have done something wrong. Adults may say that their children are still sensible, but shouldn't parents understand the truth when they were young? Even punishment at the necessary moment, letting the child know what behavior is not allowed, and parents are deeply disgusted. Through this incident, I also understand the importance of parents' education for children. At the same time, I am more fortunate to send me to uncle in time to receive the education of uncle, and to prevent a series of problems that may occur in advance.

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