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做蛋挞 Make Egg Tarts


Last weekend, my sister took us to make very delicious egg tarts. Because there are no paper trays needed for egg tarts, we wrapped the cut "paper cup molds" with tin foil and made many tin foil egg tart trays. My sister cut the frozen meringue into small cubes, put a piece of meringue on a tin foil tray, and squeezed it into a cup shape. Sometimes a corner of the meringue is missing after being cupped, and my sister told us that we can fill the gap with a small piece of meringue. My sister put eggs, sugar, and flour, and made a big bowl of egg tart liquid. Pour the egg tart liquid into the meringue cup, and the production is complete. These tarts are then baked in the oven. Through the transparent door of the oven, we can see that the liquid in the middle of the egg tart bulges up like a balloon, and some even bubble. The middle sister opened the oven door once, sprinkled sugar, and the caramel tart was ready. The baked egg tart has a fragrant and sweet filling, soft and tender, and it is especially delicious with the light and crispy meringue.

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