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做人 As a Human Being



Through daily interactions with cats, I can feel their innocence and cuteness more and more. Although they may have minor conflicts and get angry, they are never as insidious and selfish as people. They worry about trivial matters, and even develop resentment or play tricks to hurt others. They also know how to be grateful and know who is good to them and who likes them. Although their gratitude will not bring us any material riches, they will enjoy being around us. Even if we don’t touch him because we are busy, he just lies next to us and stays with us; when we pet him, he will purr and tell you that he is very happy. Whenever I become aware of the selfishness and evil in my heart, I will feel a deep sense of powerlessness. Then when I see their innocent and bright eyes, I will think about how wonderful it would be if I were a cat.

In fact, as a human being, I am lucky. Although selfishness and evil in human nature often make people feel disappointed, we have a choice. We can choose to indulge human nature and go with the flow, or we can choose to restrain ourselves and become better people. Although animals are not as selfish and evil as humans, they cannot become more kind or evil. Compared with other people my age, I am even more lucky. I can come to uncle and know how selfish I am, and uncle's education allows me to know how to make myself a better person. I should be grateful for all of this! Although it is difficult to change these things, as long as we have the determination to get better and constant reflection, we will make progress every moment. I must persist in reflection, and my heart will be bright and kind!

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