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做事的目的Purpose of doing things






purpose of doing things

No matter in work or study, there will be a situation: some people study without pressure, make progress every day, work in an orderly manner, and everything goes well. But some people have a lot of pressure to study, their grades are at the bottom, they make frequent mistakes at work, and they stumble. Of course each of us would like to be the former, but in reality, the latter predominates. However, if bad results and bad habits are not corrected, they are likely to accompany people for a lifetime, and in exchange for life-long misfortune and unhappiness.

Uncle told us that the real way to correct is to change the way of thinking and understand the purpose of doing things. Uncle also told us that doing things is the same as studying, we need to think more, and treat people and things with a humble attitude, so that things can be done well. And in the process of doing things, I carefully recalled that I seldom followed the guidelines my uncle said.

In the process of doing things, first of all, I don't think too much about how to do things well, but blindly take one step at a time on the road I think is right. Even if others are doing the same thing in the process, but because of I think my own thoughts are correct, so I ignore the more correct actions of others. And because of my own mentality, in the process of doing things, I often forget the purpose of doing things. I don’t have a clear goal, and I don’t accept other people’s ideas. It is stupid and slow, so the final result will be difficult to achieve excellence, and it will always be worse than others.

As I said at the beginning, if bad habits are not corrected, they are likely to stay with you for a lifetime, and in exchange for lifelong misfortune and unhappiness. Therefore, with such a mentality, I must correct this incorrect mentality in the future when I study and do things. With a humble attitude, set the purpose of doing things, and think more, so that I can really do things well. As long as we can do things and change according to the method taught by our uncle, then we will usher in real light and happiness.

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