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做事情三分钟热度的态度The attitude of doing things for three minutes





The attitude of doing things for three minutes

Yesterday, my uncle pointed out to me one of my faults—three-minute enthusiasm (I only care about novelty when doing things, and I tend to be enthusiastic at the beginning, but soon lose interest and motivation). This problem exists not only in my attitude towards things, but also in my lack of responsibility and desire to show my own ideas.

My uncle entrusted me with one thing, which is his trust in me. I turned my attention to my own performance while things were going on. This kind of behavior not only failed my uncle's trust in me, but also affected my classmates with these negative things.

Thanks to my uncle for teaching me, under my uncle's education, I realized my mistakes. Now I must get rid of this bad habit, not to disappoint my uncle's trust in me, and to give a good influence to my classmates.

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