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做个好人没有为什么,不需要道理 Being a Good Person Doesn't Need to Explain Why




Since childhood, we have always heard various truths, such as: To be a good child, you must know how to be grateful, be filial, and be content... And along with these principles, parents will always tell us some related stories to tell us Why do you want to do this. But when children grow up, they will turn a blind eye to these principles and even question them. Even if some children still want to do what their parents say and be a good child, when they enter the society, they come into contact with all kinds of strange theories, and these fallacies will confuse the children's thinking. I don't know what is right, and I don't know what principles to follow.

When we correct our problems and make ourselves a good person, we always have to go through a long period of self-struggle and thinking about the truth to suppress that incorrect thought. And this process will recur, and those wrong thinkings are likely to gain the upper hand and make us lose our minds. But think about it carefully, we are born as human beings, shouldn't we be a good boy and a good person? There is no reason to do so, these are what a human being should take for granted. As human beings, we want to establish good relationships with others, and we are willing to spread love and kindness, because these come from the good side in our hearts.

If we can turn this mentality into our own thinking habits, we will naturally act in accordance with the right principles when encountering things. We are no longer obsessed with gains and losses, and our words and deeds naturally show kindness and care. While bringing warmth and hope to those around us, our own hearts will also be filled with peace and happiness.

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