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做个好人不需要理由 You Don't Need a Reason To Be a Good Person



In ancient times, children were taught to be honest, kind, and good children from an early age. Even three-year-old children understood the principle of "do no evil, do good". They didn't need to ask why, because everyone did it, at least most people did. However, in today's society, not only do children not understand these principles, but many adults, even the elderly, may not understand them, let alone follow them.

We often see some questions on the Internet, such as "Why should I be a good person?" "Why should I be kind?" and so on. These questions are not without answers, but they should not exist. Being a good person, kind, and honest does not require reasons or explanations. We should follow them naturally, because these are the most basic principles of being a human being!

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