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做一个真实的人Be a real person




Be a real person

Many people may wonder, why do you want to be a real person? Recently, through my uncle's teachings and some reflections, I recalled some bad thoughts and habits formed since childhood. From the heart, I feel that I am not a real person. This kind of truth comes from the heart. I think a real person should be consistent internally and externally, rather than inconsistent with what he says. He should speak his mind directly, rather than duplicity. An untruthful person can spread lies as "true" things, or he can use lies to avoid disasters or gain benefits. An unreal person can be two different people inside and out. He may be honest and honest on the outside, but he has ulterior motives on the inside. They may be charitable, but they actually have other agendas. Perhaps in today's China, such people will be accepted by society, or they will have a successful career, or they will be praised by many people for their shrewdness, or they will think that they are smart and think that life is very good and happy.

But is such a life really happy, joyful, and worry-free? A truly authentic person does everything he does internally and externally, without hiding anything. Be consistent in your actions, no duplicity. When encountering unfair results or difficulties from evil people, there will be no uneasiness or sadness in the heart, because as the sage Wang Yangming said: "If your heart is bright, there is nothing to say." With a bright heart, no matter what you do, you are worthy of heaven and earth, and worthy of your heart. Being such a real person will not only lead to a bright road in life, but also people's respect and God's protection will accompany you throughout your life. Therefore, I hope that in the future I can work hard to become a truly authentic person, no longer tend to be calculating and inconsistent, and let my life be filled with sunshine everywhere. I also hope that all people can think from the heart, and everyone can become a real and happy life.

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