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信仰 Belief





Since ancient times, faith has occupied a large part of people's lives. Westerners believe in God, while Easterners believe in the six paths of reincarnation and karma. These beliefs are not only people's spiritual sustenance, but also help people understand the laws of the universe and lay the moral foundation of mankind. Because people believe that good and evil will be rewarded, they pay more attention to their actions and choices, strive to do good deeds, and accumulate good deeds. The self-discipline of each individual invisibly improves the moral level of the entire society, forming a virtuous cycle.

Under the guidance of faith, everyone's heart becomes brighter and firmer. Even loneliness, suffering and even death can be faced calmly, because we know that the journey of life is not only a physical experience, but also the improvement and cultivation of the soul. When our hearts are bright, we are no longer afraid of darkness, because we know that God is around us, and the light of faith will illuminate the way ahead for us. We learn to appreciate every moment in life, whether joyful or sad, as a valuable experience for soul growth.

However, in today's materialistic society, faith is fading out of people's lives. People think less and less about the deeper meaning of life, and the understanding of good and evil and the moral bottom line are fading from people's consciousness. What follows is a decline in social moral standards. When people no longer believe that good and evil will be rewarded, and no longer pursue inner light and purity, selfishness, deception, and indifference to the suffering of others have become the norm. In this way, suspicion and harm between people form a vicious circle.

Faced with this reality, only by regaining faith can kindness and justice return to people's hearts and illuminate our way forward.

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