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传递美好Convey beauty

传递美好 在生活中,美好是可以传递的一种状态。春天的到来,疫情的结束,使更多的人们愿意出来活动,也使我们直接或间接的接触到了很多的人,而在这个过程中,叔叔这里的学生也践行着优良的品质,传递给更多人美好。 周五雨后晴天,屋旁的韭菜初长成,嫩的像翡翠。终于,严冬过后,我们开始准备2023年第一顿韭菜饺子。下午剪韭菜的时候,邻居带着小孩在门口玩,遇见正在干活的我们,有些惊讶。在我们礼貌性的打了招呼后,邻居就在一旁开始聊了起来。过程中,我们了解到邻居的孩子和我们一样大,但也正式如此,她才觉得我们有很大不同。在她看来,这些和她孩子同样大的学生很懂事,礼貌,还会出来剪韭菜,帮大人做事,这是在她的印象中没有过的。并在了解到我们不是这里长大的华裔后,一度认为还是中国出来的学生好,更沉稳,这也有些让大家一度有些哭笑不得。但是通过这次聊天,让我感受最大的是,从叔叔这里出来的我们,平时做出的很多事情,都在给外界传递一种美好,好的行为,品质,做事的心态。仔细回想一下,在日常生活中叔叔教我们的事情,无形中都会带有这样的感觉,如每周外出在小区捡垃圾,救助流浪动物,帮助邻居大爷铲雪等等,这些都是在叔叔这里生活的一部分,也是我们看来很正常且必须做的事情,但在外界看来就不一样,因为现在没有任何一个教育或者团体能够让孩子自发的去做这些事情。这也是为什么外人看来我们这么特别的原因了。 虽然周内发生的事情让我有了上面的一点感想,但还想说的是,叔叔对我们的教育远不止这些,传递美好也不是我们做事的目的,因为这并不能真正改变一个人。只是想从这些日常生活中的点点滴滴下,展现出叔叔这里的不平凡,让更多的人了解叔叔的教育。其实在叔叔这里我们真正得到的,学到的真的太多,根本无法用语言述清。 pass good

In life, beauty is a state that can be passed on. With the arrival of spring and the end of the epidemic, more people are willing to come out for activities, and we have directly or indirectly contacted many people. In the process, the students here also practice excellent qualities and pass them on to others. More people are better.

It was a sunny day after the rain on Friday, and the leeks next to the house had just grown, as tender as emeralds. Finally, after the severe winter, we started to prepare the first leek dumplings in 2023. When we were cutting leeks in the afternoon, the neighbors were playing with their children at the door. They were a little surprised to see us working. After we greeted each other politely, the neighbors started chatting aside. In the process, we learned that the neighbor's child was our age, but formally so, and she felt we were very different. In her opinion, these students who are the same age as her children are very sensible, polite, and they will come out to cut leeks and help adults with things, which is unprecedented in her impression. And after knowing that we are not Chinese who grew up here, I once thought that students from China are better and more calm, which made everyone a little bit dumbfounded. But through this chat, what made me feel the most is that when we came out of my uncle, many of the things we usually do are conveying a kind of beauty, good behavior, quality, and mentality to do things to the outside world. Thinking back carefully, the things that my uncle taught us in our daily life will have such a feeling invisibly, such as going out every week to pick up garbage in the community, helping stray animals, helping neighbors to shovel snow, etc. These are all here with my uncle A part of life is also something that we think is normal and must be done, but it is different from the outside world, because there is no education or group that can make children do these things spontaneously. This is why we are so special to outsiders.

Although what happened during the week gave me some of the thoughts above, what I want to say is that my uncle’s education for us is far more than that, and passing on good things is not the purpose of our work, because it can’t really change a person. I just want to show the extraordinaryness of Uncle's place from these little things in daily life, so that more people can understand Uncle's education. In fact, what we really got and learned from Uncle here is really too much to express clearly in words.

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