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会看表的猫 Cats Can Read Clock


When I woke up in the morning and fed the cat, I found a kitten standing next to the bed. When he saw me getting up, he meowed and walked happily through the crack in the door. I followed Wangzi and found that the other four were also waiting in the corridor. It seems that Wangzi is the leader and is responsible for ringing the dinner bell for everyone. Then one by one they ran to their usual eating places, heads raised, ready to welcome the arrival of delicious food. Similar things often happen: either when I am getting ready to feed, Wang Zai walks towards me, or a cat alone, or two or three in a group, but Wang Zai is always among them; sometimes I forget the time, Wang Zai It will always appear next to it, rubbing against chairs and tables, meowing, and looking at the clock, it’s just right! Wangzi is such a conscientious leader who worries about whether the big family can eat on time.

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