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从根本上改变Fundamentally change





Fundamentally change

Some time ago, my uncle’s education made me realize the dark side of my heart and my scheming thoughts. What shocked me even more was that before my uncle educated me, sometimes in order to achieve my own goals, I would even tell myself in my heart that everything I did was right and there was nothing wrong. I view calculating and dark thoughts as signs of my intelligence and as normal.

After my uncle's education and deep reflection, I felt very regretful and ashamed. After reflection, I discovered that these wrong thoughts were all based on wanting to be praised by others and to show off myself. Now, I often find that I still have many selfish thoughts.

I know that just saying that I will change these bad habits and selfish thoughts does not mean that I have changed. I should fundamentally change my mind and start from the beginning of being a good child, always be wary of selfish thoughts and inner darkness, and prevent these bad things from appearing again. I will start a new life and live up to the education my uncle gave me.

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