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Complaining is a very, very bad habit that keeps you blaming others for your problems without realizing your own mistakes. To get rid of this problem, you must learn to self-reflect. Self-reflection can let you know where your mistakes are and can make you want to correct them. If you have a desire to correct, the problem has basically been solved. The rest is to remind and pay more attention to your thoughts.



Before I came to uncle's place, I sometimes fed small animals, but after coming to uncle's place, I realized that although my behavior was the same, I was not really kind before, because my starting point was selfish. When I was feeding small animals in the past, I showed pity for them on the surface, but what I actually thought in my heart was how kind I am, I will feed stray animals, and I will feed animals as something that others show, and It's not really from the bottom of my heart that I feel sorry for the little animals and want to help them. What a despicable and selfish thought! True kindness should come from the heart, without any purpose for the good of the other party.

Although I have improved a lot from before, but I have not yet achieved complete kindness. I will continue to work hard to make myself better.

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