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Lying down and looking at the clouds for thousands of miles outside the window,

one thought went straight to the floating clouds.

The sun shines in the sky, and all things are dazzled,

and the haze is completely removed from the mind.



Humans have always believed that they are the most advanced species in the world, and that animals are inferior beings with only primitive instincts and no human-like intelligence and feelings. But is this really the case? An elephant in Africa passed by the door of a human being and saw garbage on the ground, and rolled up the garbage with its trunk and threw it into the trash can next to it. A crow in the United States dipped the plate into the trash after eating the leftover rice on a disposable plate. Every day when it is time for farming in China, a cow will pick it up with its horns, put the yoke on its shoulders, and then pull up the trailer and go outside. These cases undoubtedly show that animals also have very good intelligence. In addition to this, there are other instances that show that animals have a wealth of emotions. Seagulls and geese in Canada have a great quality that is difficult for humans to have - selflessness, as long as they find food, they will shout for their companions to eat together, and never eat alone. Pigs are always used by us humans to describe those who are not smart, but a group of black pigs in Vietnam proved to us that pigs have noble qualities too - compassion and helpfulness. When they found a big carp stranded on the river bank, they did not ignore it, but ran over and gently arched the fish into the river together. It's hard for most people to act bravely because the risk is too great, but the actions of a stray dog ​​in Taiwan go beyond what most humans can do in this situation. A thief, following a girl, wanted to robbery where no one else was, but happened to be bumped into by a stray dog. The stray dog ​​rushed up, disregarding his own safety, and drove the hateful guy away.

All of the above examples prove to us that animals not only have great intelligence but also have rich emotions, and that they have better qualities than some of us.

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