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Since childhood, we have been told that studying is to get into college and have a beautiful and prosperous life. Most of these concepts are instilled in us by parents and teachers. In fact, we don’t really know why we should study. The goal of the nine-year compulsory education is to enter college, find an ideal job, start a family and raise children. The end of life seems to be visible at a glance. Most people live inactively, not knowing who they are or want to be, nor what the meaning of life is. Everyone seems to be running for a common goal, which is "food and clothing". After food and clothing comes fame, fortune and love, for which people can do anything, even if they cross the moral bottom line. I used to be one of the majority, living in a muddle day after day. Now, under my uncle's education, I have found my life goal and know how to achieve it. At the same time, I also have the courage to face difficulties, setbacks and temptations, and firmly believe that as long as I work hard, I will be able to gain something. Uncle always teaches us that after we know how to care for ourselves, we must also think about others. Even though I haven't done it yet, I know this is the way to go in my life. In addition, only by maintaining faith in God can we move towards our dreams step by step. In the limited time, try to arm your mind as much as possible, improve your way of thinking, so that you can continue to move forward and improve your moral quality without leaving the uncle's environment and no longer having uncle's reminders. Become a just, kind, and for Him person.

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