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亲爱的小猫 My Dear Cats









Dear kittens, I want to write a little poem for you.

I want to describe your eyes as translucent as peridot. Every time the eyelashes flip, it is like a little bit of brilliance overflowing from the blue waves.

I want to write about the warm and happy smell in you, which is a mixture of sunshine, love and satisfaction, which makes people intoxicated.

Whenever you purr lovingly to each other, tilt your head and rub my legs gently, all the unhappiness and fatigue seem to melt away.

And your coquettish look is even more irresistible to me. Those meow-meow-meow sounds and those expectant little eyes are just for the little fish in my hand.

I want to write about your naughty ways that make people both love and angry at the same time. Every time you are naughty, your face is full of innocence and expectation, as if to say, you will forgive me no matter what, right?

Next to the stove, you huddled together and were immersed in sweet dreams. Looking at your peaceful sleeping faces, my heart was filled with softness and tranquility.

Whether you know it or not, you are all my babies and the softness in my heart.

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