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享受驾驶的愉快 Enjoy Driving


This week was the first time I drove the kids far away on my own for errands. I was always afraid of driving before, because the speed of cars in Canada is very fast, and I feel that I need to have a good reaction to drive, otherwise it will be very dangerous. But after I finished the road test recently, I found out that there is nothing terrible about driving. In western countries, as long as you follow the local traffic rules, there is not much danger. On the contrary, in China, although the speed of the car is not fast, the probability of problems is very high due to improper rule setting and unreasonable road construction. In contrast, although the speed of foreign vehicles is fast, the driving efficiency is very high due to the reasonable rules and road design, and the probability of accidents is also low. Now, I am beginning to enjoy the joy of driving. Of course, I will always remain vigilant, pay attention to obey the rules, and feel the joy of driving under the premise of safety.

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