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Updated: Aug 27, 2021


Not long ago, I have finished reading A Tale of Two Cities, and felt very moved. The content is mainly about what happened before and during the French Revolution. Seeing in the book how the civilian have been prosecuted by the aristocracy, I felt so sorrowful and angry that, when the story came to the moment of the start of the revolution, I thought that justice had finally been done. But, as the tale continued, confusion went in to my mind; I checked the pages and saw that there was still some distance from the ending. The reason is that, after this, the author went on describing what happened in the revolution: crowds of people scurry around to find any suspects, put them under the guillotine which they were so hateful against, and burst into cheer. The main character of the book is just such a person, despite his good heart and his denouncing his aristocracy before the revolution. Thus, I could more understand the renown sentence in the first paragraph: “This is the best of time, this is the worst of time.”

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