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Recently uncle told us: it is hard to develop a habit, especially after twelve years old, because at this time many features are solid. But what happen often now in China is like this: parents would often ignore their children’s education for earning money, and when children get old and show illness in their hearts put much money to correct, or even more, see their money wasted away by their children when they become adults. We luckily have come here, and got corrected reaching the second step. But those not corrected were obviously the most, which is quite upsetting.


It seems we will have more summer plans later. Perhaps visiting gardens, or playing water in a park, so we are looking forward. Before uncle told us the wrong of Chinese parents leading their children to travel. They often will regard their trip as another educational opportunity, bringing them to a local museum to study local culture, or require them to go to the top of a mountain if this mountain is famous. In the end, children will feel quite fatigued, not like it is that they are playing. It is not like that here. Play is play, study is study. They are divided clearly.

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