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主动接受与被动承受 Active acceptance and passive acceptance





In life, we always face various challenges or setbacks... When dealing with these things, we often have two different attitudes: active and passive.

When we face difficult situations with a proactive mindset, we adopt a positive attitude. It means that we are willing to do something, willing to spend time and energy to do it better. This attitude can make us better able to cope with life's various challenges and achieve better results. For example, when we want to learn a new skill or complete a job, if we take a proactive attitude, we will devote ourselves to learning or working, trying to find a better way for ourselves, and at the same time we are constantly improving our ability. ability and level.

On the contrary, passive acceptance is a negative attitude. It means we have to do something, and in this case, we often lack the ability to actively deal with it. When we encounter unpleasant things, such as unsatisfactory work or conflicts in life, many people will adopt a passive attitude, just passively accept the occurrence of things without actively solving them. Then this negative attitude will make us feel anxious and helpless, because we do not have the initiative to solve the problem and can only passively let the situation develop.

Only when we are willing to take the initiative to face problems can we deal with them more properly and gain more gains and growth. So let's all try to adopt a proactive attitude towards life's problems!

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