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为他人着想 Think For Others




In the past, in the angle between schools and classmates, I gradually summarized my own set of "social skills": constantly standing from the perspective of others to consider whether my behavior and discourse made others feel comfortable. When I first came to uncle, I always thought it was the same as uncle said "thinking for others and empathy". But after studying the truth that I kept listening to uncle, I more and more realized the difference between the two.

In the "empathy of empathy" by uncle, we think for others to be completely good at our heart. When our good thoughts make others feel convenient and happy, our hearts will feel really happy. And I used to think about others, and the purpose was to make others not hate me and play with me. To put it plainly, it's pleased by others. Because of this "social skills", it seems that I can be able to communicate with my classmates, but my heart is unhappy. During the constant pleasure to others every day, I feel fake and tired every day. It's really dangerous to go like this ...

I don't need the so -called "social skills" here in uncle, and I also feel unprecedented relaxation in my heart. Every child here is friendly to others. Under the education of uncle, we keep our hearts and sublimate our hearts, and experience true happiness in the life that is constantly thinking about others. So whenever you think of this, you can feel very lucky again!

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