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为什么提高思想层次很重要 Why Is Raising the Level of Thought Important




Many of us will feel this way when we change the problem. Obviously we have worked very hard and persisted for a long time, but why is there no effect. In fact, this is because the current level of thinking can only solve low-level problems that are easier to deal with. Einstein said: All difficult problems have answers at a higher level, and problems at the same level are difficult to solve by thinking at the same level. If the problems we encounter cannot be solved in a short period of time or recur repeatedly, it means that our current level of thinking is not enough to solve this problem, and the only way is to go to a higher level.

So how can we improve our level of thinking? The first is reading. Reading all kinds of classic books on literature, philosophy, psychology, and theology can help us understand different viewpoints and learn to think independently. One more thing to add here is that when choosing a book, you must choose a book that is a bit difficult for you but not too difficult. If you choose a book that is too complicated, it will easily cause us to give up reading. Second, get along with thoughtful people more. Learning to understand the insights and perspectives of wise men, communicating with them, and sharing your own ideas can also help us improve our knowledge and broaden our thinking. The third is to learn to think independently. Books and friends can push us to think, but they can't do it for us. Ask yourself more questions, ask why, so that we can improve ourselves.

Life is like a journey, and it is inevitable that we will encounter some situations during the process, but raising the level of thinking can allow us to jump out of the current predicament, look at the world and solve problems in a new way.

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