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为人莫欺心 Never Deceive Others at Heart



Li Binru of the Qing Dynasty, a versatile scholar who was proficient in martial arts, encountered misfortunes one after another. Whenever he is about to reach success, fate always plays a cruel joke on him. When he lost the opportunity to enter a school in the capital due to an accident, and was injured in an accident during the martial arts exam; when he was in poverty, he finally found a teaching job, but on his way to the village to teach, he encountered a flash flood...a fateful moment. Pushing him into the abyss again and again. Just when he was desperate, an elder with a long beard and white eyebrows appeared in front of him and revealed to him the cause and effect in the world. The elder said: "God is benevolent and there is no partiality. Those who have good fortune, wealth and longevity are the result of good deeds in the past life or the past, and those who are hungry, cold and destitute are also caused by the karma created in the past life or the past. Although you have no sin today, But you did evil deeds in your previous life. You relied on your eloquence and went around trying to make ends meet, never caring about the hardships and feelings of others. You just cheated and cheated, thinking that you were getting your own way. You didn't expect to feel the sadness you feel today. This is what people call 'retribution'. Ah! If the many misfortunes you have suffered in this life are not enough to repay the debts of your previous life, then you will continue to suffer in the next life. Only by waking up now, having a kind heart from now on, doing good deeds, reading good books, being a good person, repenting and reforming can you achieve good luck. Avoid evil." After hearing this advice, Li Binru came to an enlightenment. From then on, he followed the advice, accumulated virtues, did good deeds, and helped others. Later, he became a Jinshi and everything went smoothly.

This story touched me a lot, because after listening to the elder's words, Li Binru was able to completely believe it and devoutly change his ways and do good deeds. Later, he finally won the Jinshi, which means that he must have repaid the debt he owed in his previous life, and accumulated enough merit to be a Jinshi in this life! But now fewer and fewer people believe in causality and retribution for good and evil. Even among those who believe, how many can reform as piously as Li Binru? Due to the influence of atheism, people now regard these as superstitions, thereby indulging their own humanity... As the saying goes: "It is better to believe in something than something that doesn't exist." We should really strive to respect heaven and believe in God like Li Bin, believe in karma and retribution, and always check our hearts everywhere, so that we can live up to our lives as human beings.

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