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丰盛的美食Sumptuous food



Sumptuous food

My uncle often makes us a lot of delicious food, especially the tender and delicious Lotus Leaf Pancake Roujiamo during this period. Every delicacy cooked by my uncle is very different from the recipes we have eaten outside before, so the taste is completely different, and it is incomparable to those common recipes outside. This weekend happens to usher in the beginning of spring and the new year. What is surprising is that the temperature in these two days is not only not cold, but actually higher than before. The weather outside is very pleasant. On the weekend afternoon, my uncle asked us to break buns together, and in the evening, he made delicious mutton steamed buns. Every festival, my uncle will cook a lot of delicious food. Next week we will usher in the Chinese New Year, and then we can enjoy a delicious meal again.

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