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I was born in Canada. Since I was young, I have spoken English to my sisters, and when my parents spoke Chinese to us, we all answered in English, so my previous Chinese skill was not particularly good. After I came here, I used Chinese to communicate with my friends, read Chinese books and so on. As a result, my Chinese level has improved a lot. Especially my Chinese listening. I want to continue to work hard to make more progress!



Before at home, we basically didn’t eat anything spicy. When we ate hot pot, we would always use double flavor hot pot, because me and my sisters can’t really eat spicy food. But after I came here, we always eat at least one spicy dish a day, we also often eat hot pot, and they all are really spicy. One time we made the hot pot way too spicy, so we went outside to our backyard to eat it. Now I like to eat spicy food more!

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