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Sometimes I think as a person, not a very can proud of things, we heard the tiger poison not Sometimes think, as a person, not a very can proud of things, we heard the tiger poison not food son at an early age, the crow to save the mother, the fox the resolve to return favors such as allusions, but in this day and age, sometimes people in order to their own self-interest, for the sake of his obsession, always do something against conscience, or even unethical thing, have no belief in deities, life in the absence of constraints In the world, there is no morality, there is no humanity. Animals are in some ways even more human than humans are today And more grateful, people often think of himself standing in high point, to human ethics, have morals, have to distinguish between rational and animals, but when people lose the wisdom of the ancestors left one thousand years ago, beliefs, and always with free humanity, benefit is supreme idea continues, then such period of the first sentence, I think, as a person, not a very proud The things。


I think if you don't come to uncle here, a lot of things will always be confused and can't think of the time, such as people often say show heart, elders often say that people can't show heart, Chinese people should have connotation, there is a need for self-cultivation, now people are not often said domineer can not be exposed, if the old show will appear very flirtatious But if you say it is not good, sometimes you will find that if display is used to motivate oneself to move forward, as a way to improve oneself in human society, it is also necessary to show is good or bad? My uncle told us that we should look at one thing from different angles and at different levels. I think with a few simple words, I have solved the problem that has troubled me for a long time but cannot be solved. Many things are not killed with a stick, which can reach a conclusion There will be different conclusions from different perspectives, and there are good and bad things to show in different situations. When we think about anything, we should hold the right degree. Sometimes, using the thinking taught by our uncle, many seemingly difficult things can actually have suitable solutions.

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