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与自己和解 Make Peace With Yourself






Each of us is unique in this world, but sometimes we seem to be compulsively comparing ourselves to others. This inevitably caused a lot of uneasiness and anxiety in my heart. But in fact, such comparisons do not bring any real value, but instead lead us to unnecessary pain.

Everyone’s background, opportunities and challenges are different, and it is impossible and impossible for us to completely replicate the success of others. Life is not a competition, but a practice that belongs only to yourself. We don’t need to envy the shining points of others. We should turn our attention back to ourselves and focus on our own growth and progress.

Every small improvement, whether it's learning a new skill or overcoming a small difficulty, is a real success. We don’t need to defeat every good person in the world, that’s an impossible task. But we can challenge ourselves, surpass ourselves, and become better versions of ourselves.

When we begin to appreciate our own growth instead of envying the light of others, we will find that our world becomes broader. Everyone has their own light, and what we need to do is find and amplify this light.

Always remember, instead of wasting time comparing yourself to others, focus on your own growth. Such a life is full of hope and happiness.

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