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不粉饰自己,不自以为是Don’t whitewash yourself, don’t be self-righteous



Don’t whitewash yourself, don’t be self-righteous

In life, we often whitewash ourselves because of factors such as face, display, and ego. Sometimes we exaggerate, sometimes we hide the truth, sometimes we speak wildly for temporary fame and fortune, and sometimes we benefit ourselves and harm others because of our own selfishness. But the more you do this, the worse and more serious the consequences will be, which is counterproductive. In fact, if you are a real person, an honest and kind person, you may be laughed at and stupid in front of others, and you may be treated differently if you act in society without looking at other people's eyes, but such people often live a solid life. , but also appreciated by those who are truly outstanding. Sometimes we always gamble. A slightly exaggerated bet will have no consequences and will only lead to success. A small cheat will not be discovered and there will only be gains. However, such behavior will not only make us feel guilty but also worry about the future. , and at the same time, this way of thinking will always be punished by God one day in the future. Therefore, I hope that everyone, including myself, can be a sincere, down-to-earth and kind person in life, for a better life and a better future.

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