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I've been feeling a little uncomfortable recently, and I've been using one of the methods that my classmates usually use, which is to meditate. When I used to be at home, when I was unwell, I would drink more water and lie in bed to rest, so that it would take a week or two to get back to normal. And now, as soon as we're not feeling well, we're going to start meditating, so in a few days we're already in good shape, and by now I'm back to normal. Feeling that meditation is really a great tool to help us adjust our bodies.


Recently, the school (uncle) pointed out to me a big problem, that is, I had a disdainful heart when my uncle reasoned with others. When my uncle pointed out this problem to me, I reflected on the many mistakes that my uncle had pointed out to others, and they were very serious. This kind of thinking of mine really brought me a lot of harm, and it caused me to lose a lot of opportunities to correct and improve myself. So I really have to correct my incorrect thinking and listen carefully to every truth my uncle says.

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