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不可能之事变为了事实The impossible becomes a fact



The impossible becomes a fact

Recently, in daily life and work, my uncle has told us a lot of truths and principles that should be remembered in life and work. In fact, during the many years we have been with uncle, whether it is changes in habits, thinking, abilities or other aspects, most of them have been acquired in daily life and through uncle's words and deeds. For example, when doing things, my uncle will teach us through specific examples to be honest and trustworthy, and to be kind and considerate of others. In addition, in terms of thinking ability, learning methods, and physical and mental health, it is very difficult to change anything on the original basis without coming to uncle, let alone changing at the same time. But in my uncle's case, these changes happened, and they happened to every child without exception. Only with his uncle's education did these impossible things turn into reality. Now that I think about it, I am still very glad that I met my uncle, and my heart is filled with gratitude.

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