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“三思而后行,再,斯可矣” Think Before You Act



In our fast-paced modern life, we often encounter situations where we need to make quick decisions. But Confucius said: "Think twice before you act." This means that before making a decision, you should think about and weigh the pros and cons from many aspects. This reminds us to think more before deciding on important things. This idea is not only applicable to ancient society, but also applies to today. For example, whether it is workplace decisions, investment choices, or interpersonal interactions, impulsivity often brings us unforeseen consequences.

Of course, this doesn’t mean hesitating on every decision. The key is to distinguish when a quick decision is required and when it requires careful consideration. We should follow the "golden mean", without too much hesitation, but also ensure a certain amount of thinking, and never forget our original purpose whether we are doing things or making decisions. This way, we can make better decisions while minimizing mistakes.

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